Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My List for 2011

The lovely Cathy aka Tinniegirl inspired this post. I love to make lists, I do it daily but have never done a list for the year, thanks Cathy such a great idea

My List for 2011

travel on planes
learn to sew
join Zumba
walk the dogs daily
learn Italian
roadtrip regularly
print some collages in card form
blog daily
take more photographs
be less anxious
create more art
read more books
write for a magazine
plant a vege garden
spend time gardening
plant a frangipani tree
volunteer for a charity
design a vintage inspired clothes label
organise my studio
collect amazing pieces for my vintage clothes market stall
go to each play at our local theatre
take a cookery class
get my tea leaves read at that cute house I drive past every week
be patient and learn the art of detachment when situations arise

Here's to lots of crossing things off that list and an absolutely fabulous 2011 x
images courtesy of weheartit


  1. so fun to read other peoples lists and be inspired by them. thanks for sharing- got luck with ticking things off

  2. awesome list. so many great things you're planning and hoping for. i love the sounds of getting your tea leaves read at that cute house. I hope it's an amazing year.


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