Sunday, June 27, 2010

Breakfast At Tiffs

Just uploading some doilies to ClaraBows and thought I would share a piccie which includes one of my all time favourite finds, my Breakfast At Tiffanys Soundtrack bought from an Armidale opshop back in my uni days circa 1986. It has been lugged from home to home since then, survived SQ who snaffled the vintage tiara that used to sit beside it, and being quite dogeared would have very little monetary value but I love it, sentimental finds they are just the best don't you think?

Thursday, June 24, 2010


The unfolding of today's events makes me wonder

(a) should I check with Bill Shorten et al before I fill out my next ballot paper?
(b) is Julia now donning a footie jersey to play with Jason Ackermanis this weekend?

This morning I woke to my boy saying "you'll be happy we'll have a female prime minister by this afternoon". You see I am a rather vocal advocate of women's rights, always have been always will be but today has left a bad taste in my mouth because alongwith believing in a woman's right to hold the highest office in this country I also strongly believe in authenticity, loyalty and taking responsibility, not passing the buck when the chips are down. I understand there have always been factions and "power brokers" within the labor party however I believe a group of four men deciding to replace a Prime Minister voted to office by the Australian people is the absolute height of arrogance.