Thursday, May 27, 2010

Flower Arranging

In amongst the pillow fluffing and cupcake frosting yesterday, I rearranged the flowers. Plastic flowers there's something so comforting in their kitsch. They remind me of my grandmothers house, they even smell the same that old plasticy smell. Years ago I bought the large vase from the local opshop and decided some plastic flowers would look great in them but couldn't find them anywhere until I searched ebay. Seems there was a rush on plastic flowers that day because I ended up paying a ridiculous amount of money for this bunch. But I love them. A good mixed bunch with even a gladioli or two. They arrived in the mail in a rather large box with $3.00 the lot written on it. Hilarious, I so didn't pay that!

So my bright blooms sit on my grandmothers dresser with its blue chippy paint which I love and reminds me of her every day. As I type this SQ and EB are winging their way home not long now. Thanks for the lovely comments yesterday xx


  1. Love the bunch of flowers. We have an Op shop up the road that has a whole wall full of flowers to buy. They are so cheap and I stand there every visit just staring at them. I think fake flowers are great and you've arranged them so well. It's arranging them well that I have trouble with. Just love the yellow vase.

  2. Such a great kitschy look!


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