Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Business Etiquette 101

A couple of weeks ago my job was made redundant. I thought it was time I brushed up on my business skills in an ever increasing competitive job market. And so I turned to the internet. Here is what I found ....

Taken from Patsy Rowe's Five Etiquette Tips for Instant Success

1. Dress appropriately for the position you hold

2. When being introduced, smile (is that Brad from Rachel Zoe??)

3. When making introductions, always use an information 'tag', e.g. "Mary has been working on world peace" Ok I took a bit of creative license with this one Patsy's example did say Mary had been working in Afghanistan.

4. Develop your listening skills... the best asset of a good conversationalist is their ability to appear totally absorbed by what the speaker is saying.

5. Follow up interesting contacts met at networking functions with either a hand written note, a phone call or an email

thanks Patsy, you're a star x
images courtesy wehearit.com and last one had it so long sorry can't remember

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