Thursday, June 24, 2010


The unfolding of today's events makes me wonder

(a) should I check with Bill Shorten et al before I fill out my next ballot paper?
(b) is Julia now donning a footie jersey to play with Jason Ackermanis this weekend?

This morning I woke to my boy saying "you'll be happy we'll have a female prime minister by this afternoon". You see I am a rather vocal advocate of women's rights, always have been always will be but today has left a bad taste in my mouth because alongwith believing in a woman's right to hold the highest office in this country I also strongly believe in authenticity, loyalty and taking responsibility, not passing the buck when the chips are down. I understand there have always been factions and "power brokers" within the labor party however I believe a group of four men deciding to replace a Prime Minister voted to office by the Australian people is the absolute height of arrogance.

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  1. Oh i agree so much with that Kris, I am still trying to figure out what Kevin Rudd did that was so wrong. He took over the leadership of our country at a very difficult time, had a lot to "fix up" from the previous government and did what i thought a magnificent job, my heart goes out to him and his family, as he was clearly devestated. Mxx


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