Sunday, June 27, 2010

Breakfast At Tiffs

Just uploading some doilies to ClaraBows and thought I would share a piccie which includes one of my all time favourite finds, my Breakfast At Tiffanys Soundtrack bought from an Armidale opshop back in my uni days circa 1986. It has been lugged from home to home since then, survived SQ who snaffled the vintage tiara that used to sit beside it, and being quite dogeared would have very little monetary value but I love it, sentimental finds they are just the best don't you think?


  1. Sweet doilies, and what a treasure that Tiffany's soundtrack is...

  2. The old Henry Mancini soundtrack - what a find. Love the doilies. Don't see too many small doilies 'round my way.


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